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There is a class for everyone. Take a look.
Wā Wātea
Open Gym
We are looking forward to opening up our whare (outside of class hours) for extra work outs, extra gains, and extra help with technique. This is free time to do whatever you want.
These classes are designed to take your fitness journey to the next level. 50% strength, 50% conditioning. Every session we look at 2 compound movements, then integrate them into a WOD as a finisher to get the best of both worlds!
Manawa Nui
Functional Fitness
These cardio classes will range from short work periods of agility and speed on the track to long work periods of endurance and aerobic fitness! Minimal weight and zero barbell movements! If you are in need of a good sweat up come join us in our cardio classes.
Manawa Ora
Metabolic conditioning
Ready for a challenge? Metcon days are a blend of speed and power, moving heavy weights at speed, combining a wide variety of functional movements and varied time domain. With these sessions we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to challenge and push you.
Olympic lifting/COMP CLASSES
Specialised classes *only for platinum memberships
We have specialised classes coached by specialised coaches.

Our olympic lifting classes are a dedicated hour of intense lifting, with a primary focus on the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Led by the renowned coach, Jaimee Ogilvy.

Comp Class is where passion meets performance. In competition class, every moment tests skill and strategy, fostering growth and camaraderie.
If you are getting into competing, this is the class for you

The Movement Timetable